2nd Build: Noble 6 Sniper build


This is going to be my second ever build, I made my own suit, and now I'm helping with a second suit so my girlfriend can have a suit with me at the next con we go to. Since Denver Pop Culture Con is cancelled until 2021 I figure I've got a year to make it so might as well start working on it to get it done as soon as possible and as nice as I can make it!

This build will be
Hazop CNM-I Variant Helmet
Tactical/Patrol (Jun's variant)
Sniper left shoulder
Recon right shoulder
UA Bracer wrist
and Tactical soft pouch for thigh.

I will also probably build a DMR for this suit as well mostly because I want to build a DMR for myself anyways.

Will be posting more soon!



Here's a short update on the progress of this armor.

It's gonna be HOT pink babbbyyy
It was also specified to me that this should be a pretty beat up old and worn set of armor, so that's what it's gonna be!

I printed and quickly painted the forearms this week, adding a homemade rust effect to them as well to really add to that old damaged aesthetic

My roommate a few years back had gotten a pin from his halo loot crate and gave it to me, so I cast it and made a few copies to slap onto my armor, put some damage and rust effects on them too and damn do they look good!

The helmet is WAY too large for her, but someone wanted to buy it finished in my local area, so I'm working on it as well. The correct sized helmet is still printing, but is 90% done printing, so I'll probably have some updates again here soon.

AfterI the helmet is finished I'll start working on the shoulders and then legs!