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I have been creating a database for all 3D files of halo for awhile now but I need assistance from the community. I do not have the time and resources to model every single piece of armor from the halo universe. This database will be where you can go to get any and all pieces from any halo. we may have this website but armor is spread across so many threads its hard to find what you want. so if you can do one of the following that would be amazing.

1. send me any and all 3d files that you have of halo armor and weapons.
2. send me detailed photos of armor and weapons. these will be used as references for modelers. 30 photos of each piece at least.
3. if you could possibly model pieces for me

Any of these three things will be amazing. if you contribute through any of these ways I will of course give you credit for what you have done. Modelers if you need additional things please contact me.
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