3d Print Halo 4 Masterchief Armor

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    Hi guys here I show my now printed parts!
    have already built a masterchief suit made of foam!
    I already wore it on the EpicCon 2018.;) Chef.Masterchief
    But I want the massive variation.

    So what do I use Windows 10 with 3D Builder .

    --- Slicen ---
    --- Measure ---

    Armorsmith Designer

    --- for 1:1 Perfect Size ---


    --- convert frome Pepakura in 3d Printable File ---

    Here are some pictures of my Projekt. There will be more soon.

    Masterchief Bracers
    3d1.jpg 3d2.jpg

    Masterchief Shoulders

    3d3.jpg 3d4.jpg

    Msterchief Legs

    3d5.jpg 3d6.jpg
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