3D Printed Fallout AEP-7 Laser Pistol

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    This is my first prop that I've made, and it ignited the flames of my love for prop and costume making. It was printed on a Prusa MK. 3 with 20+ different parts with ~40 hours of pritning. I had a blast making this.

    A bunch of the raw parts while the rest are printing

    All put together and flatly painted

    All finished with weathering and little details.
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    Great job on it. Where did you get the file?
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    AEP7 Laser Pistol from Fallout (Support Free) by Mdavisgtm

    There ya are my good sir!

    For the things like the caution symbol or the yellow striped I used water decals, and for the yellow cable I used a cat 5 cable with the holder things you nail into the wall. Word of advice: The acrylic spray paint doesn't really stick to it well, so you'd have to use the liquid kind. After that, I sealed the whole thing with a clear coat of spray paint.

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