3D Printed Fallout AEP-7 Laser Pistol


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This is my first prop that I've made, and it ignited the flames of my love for prop and costume making. It was printed on a Prusa MK. 3 with 20+ different parts with ~40 hours of pritning. I had a blast making this.

A bunch of the raw parts while the rest are printing

All put together and flatly painted

All finished with weathering and little details.


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Where did you get the file?
AEP7 Laser Pistol from Fallout (Support Free) by Mdavisgtm

There ya are my good sir!

For the things like the caution symbol or the yellow striped I used water decals, and for the yellow cable I used a cat 5 cable with the holder things you nail into the wall. Word of advice: The acrylic spray paint doesn't really stick to it well, so you'd have to use the liquid kind. After that, I sealed the whole thing with a clear coat of spray paint.