405th: Mayhem 3.0 + 1.0 Mayhem Can (Not) Rebuild. Once upon a Brute Shot

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Mayhem continues April 8th 12:00PM CST

The rules are simple
  1. Everyone must attempt to build a Brute Shot.
  2. No builder may start before the timer on stream does.
  3. No pre-preparation or building in advance is allowed other than collecting tools and materials into your workspace.
  4. No "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher".
  5. The Winner shall receive 10 (Ten) standardized Oreos as prize.
You may have several questions and as is tradition the builders have prepared an FAQ to help shed some light on why they're going through this challenging and chaotic process.

Why the Brute Shot?
Because it's a big monkey gun and nobody ever makes them. We want to fix that.

Can I join the Build Stream?
We will be having several people joining in throughout the day to take part in the conversation, share stories and help with some crafting expertise. This will follow the same rules as always for streams, only Full Type C Members with 50 posts/90 days will be allowed to join in on the "On Air" conversation but everyone is welcome in chat to cheer the crafters on!

I don't have anything to build with and I don't have any practice making things.
First off, that's a statement. One of the best parts of building with the 405th is that you can build anything using anything. If you like building with LEGO or MegaConstrux, that'd be awesome. If you have some spare cardboard laying around and a roll of duct tape, let's see what you can do! The more props the merrier! Don't forget to share your finished builds with #405thMayhem4 on your social media outlet of choice!

If you're not a builder that likes to freehand objects, we've also included a few different references and template options below to assist with your planning and preparation to become the champion of Mayhem 4. Thanks ODCA for the side profile!


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Congratulations Lieutenant Jaku on beating everyone on stream by a good two hours! Expect Oreos in the near future as the true winner of Mayhem this year.

At the time of 8:13:55 I called my entry good enough and ready for painting (some day soon). Maybe I'll add lights under the weird circle thing, who knows. For now though, food and hydration.

If you built along at home, we'd love to see your Brute Shot speed builds!
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