-700 kills in one match!!

me and my cuz were playing halo and we went into a match on the same team. well we were basically playing no one. the idiots we were playing just stood there. but the had a secret. they could not die at all. it was like some weird glitch. but then things got weirder. my cosin accedently killed me and or count went negative. then our spawn points were above the other two idiots so we landed on em when we spawned. e and my cousin got rockets frags and other BANG materials and we let the idiots have it. they could not die but we kept dieing.

Long story short 8 and 1/2 hours later we were -700 kills. that really destroys rankings i tell ya. we were pissed.


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Why the hell did you play one match for 8 1/2 hours? I think I'd have quit...

Anyway, that seems really wierd. I wonder if they were even there, or if they were illusions?
dude that is the wierdest crap ever me and my friend once played these guys that just wouldnt die like u said but Im typing this on my iPod touch so its taking a while but yes that is wierd .....