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alright i am using matboard for my helmet. and i was planning on filling it with this foam stuff that i guess fills stuff in. I have a hole bunch of parts that either need another layer or be foamed. i do not know enouph about this foam stuff to use it. Does it actually fill in? or what exactly does it do?

I have used some of this syuff before, not for what you are using it for though but simmilar. I don't know a lot about its specs but it is hard and light weight when it expands and cures, but its messy so be extra careful. it will stain whatever it gets on forever. i would do some test first before you use it in your armor, like make some small boxes with your foam board and put some in them too see just how much it expands. and it does get fairly large so dont fill the box just a little. i hope this was helpful. I am learning alot here, but i know a lot about trying to figure things out on my own with new materials. i am experimenting all the time with new materials for all my art.

I used that stuff in my shield, it works great. Fill your area just over half full on the sides and let it expand into the middle. Make sure you leave an opening for any excess. If it does overflow, do not attempt to stop or wipe it away, you will end up with one hell of a mess. Just let it harden and trim it away with a knife or scisors. It takes several hours to fully expand and cure but is worth the wait.

One thing you need to be carefull about when you use this is to wear gloves, I got some on my hand last week and some of it's still there... :duh: and what I did get off took a good amount of skin with it. Other than that, this stuff is awesome. Depending on the type you get it expands some where between 200% and 300%.
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