About the pepakura helmets.

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I figured I remake it from scratch out of cardboard since I've got a pepakura one as a real 3d reference, but should my whole face be in the visor, or should only my eyes and nose? For example, the bottom part of my face, my mouth and chin, would be below the visor area.
Go to the pepakura website and download the pepakura screen saver. Select which pepakura you want to set as the screen saver and presto! The screen saver assembles the pieces into the shape. The best part is, you can slow down the speed of assembly and watch it in slow motion.
I found the screensaver pretty useless, to be honest... it assembles it all at once, not piece by piece, which would be excellent. I found its easier just to make it label the edges and then make all the folds and start sticking the edges together.
When i asembled my helmet i just tried matching up the number piece by piece. It worked.....took like 2 weeks tho. :eek
Yeah i was making the much simpler H1 marine helmet, which only had like 7 pieces, and was therefore easier to do with edgefinding, plus i cant save .pdos...
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