Absolute Pwnge

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it's all good. but I hate that, because everyone else is trying to get the hill, and he runs away from the hill each time to "get more kills" . it's easy to snipe people from afar, but he did have some good skills. Just wish he'd play the gametype. He accidentally got 4 seconds.
I have to agree yes hes good at sniping, but honestly hes a camper and i think that if he was to play deathmatch he wouldnt survive.
He is amazing at sniping yes, and that clip proves it. Google him or check out some of his VoD at mlg.com You guys might want it to be a Midship, Warlock or CtF sanctuarty, to show that there is no snipe. He is easily the best sniper and his Twin borther has one of the best Brs in the game (Yes there are two (identical) of them). His snipes are just so much better and thus provide better montage footage. Trust me, he could easily destroy with a BR or carbine.
Camping, sniper-whoring, maverick...

...Who absolutely owns.

I love he got killed at the end, after the game ended.

Looks like he forgot he was playing KotH, though. He had, what, 4 seconds?
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