Adam, please fix this bug.

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SGT Razor

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This is frickin' annoying. Whenever I check my subscriptions, but close the window before it loads completely, this happens:


That's not even half of them. After that 50, 50 more came up. Then 50 more again. Why does it do that?
Yes, it's more possibly a virus than a bug on the fourms. I have no such problem, but I use a more secure browser called "Firefox". Way better imho.
I get it sometimes where it will open up a window ":blank" and have like 51 of them open up...Ctrl Alt Delete works wonders though. Even virus scans show nothing though..
Yeah, Firefox pwns Internet Explorer, no offense to teh IE fans, but IE is just the standard internet browser, FF is an advanced internet browser, lol
Ditch IE and never use it again. Firefox will import everyting you have in it and youll be a happier person.
Ironcobra3000 said:
Ew... Internet Explorer? Use Firefox, it blocks popups, ads, viruses, and it loads faster ;)

it also updates regularly to keep up with that sort of thing :)
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Fragclone said:
what are my subscriptions? er what are they o_O ya sounds newbish...

Please clarify. Are you calling me a noob because I subscribe to threads?
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Nothing wrong with IE, I don't get why people bash it so much...

Firefox is for all you people who constantly click every link on a malicious website to end up downloading a ton of virus's. Then you blame IE and get firefox because everyone else says the same thing :/. IE seems to be only for those that aren't click happy and actually know what they are doing...

I have NEVER EVER gotten a virus or had massive errors with IE.



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