Almost done with the red armor - pic

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This is my "loaner" suit. For my friends, so we can go out together.

I think I'll paint the "mohawk" and the shoulders white, with the stripes, halo 3 style. I'll take more pictures when I have someone to take them of me.

My other suit is better, but don't anyone post those pictures please.
My friends and i were thinking of all of us wearing masterchief costumes(sepperately colored ones) and just walking around on Halloween. Just like a group of spartans walking around. LOL
blinkava44 said:
haha ;-) i just no a ripped arm when i c one, cuz i got 2 right here :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

yes we all know your mom has huge hairy arms lol
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lol, when I first made my armor it fit good, then I started working out and it stopped fitting. you know, its murder refitting that stuff.

Not sure what to do with the helmet. I have the dual visor going, but it's not attached obviously.

The helmet looks like a brick :shock: . Its like, the squarest thing I have seen for a helmet :eek:.

Otherwise looks good :D.

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