Another Assault Rifle

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A guy named tommin over at RPF is making a great Assault Rifle.

Here are some pictures, let see if we can get him to sneak over here for a little bit.





Weazel posted this one:

Ya I have been looking at that for awhile now. This guy made an amazing MA1(something like that) Pulse Rifle from the movie alien. He has got ssome really great ideas. Also that pic of his friend and the ar has all the measurements drawn to scale. he said that he got a reference pic and blew it up to actual size over at KINKOS.
Fantastic. Seeing those in progress pics really helps to visualize how it's
done. Can't wait to see more!

Any one got an idea of what kind of foam that is? Omega and I think it's insulation (foam) but just wondering if there are other opinions.
Apparently no one knows who Tommin is. Tommin is the BEST Pulse Rifle guy in the WORLD. Here's his website:
I'll try and contact him by the BBC (where he's a mod) and ask him to come to MJOLNIR Armor!
is that polystyrene or just regular styrofoam or that weird almost plastic styrofoam, all of them are extremely hard to sculpt, the sty crumbles and the poly smells awful when u use hot wire tools, and the weird kind will ruin ur tools cause it has slivers of fiber in it, but looks like u got it under control, more pics up please
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