Anstice Brigade - 101st Battalion

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ODST General

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the 101st battalion of the Anstice Brigade is in need of recruits (Halo 3 Xbox Live Clan)

this clan is organized and military based, however it is meant to be fun, you will get to know those you play with like a family and close friends

there is an age prefrence of 16 and older, however anyone is able to join

this clan aims to be respectable as well as respected, we are here for different reasons, but most of all to have fun, and come to victory

I am not a member of the 101st, but in a different extension of the brigade, however I am working in coordination with the clan CO to help recruit members to his battalion, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

for more info private message me

-ODST General
no you don't have to change anything, right now that extension of our clan is kind of small, so they are looking for squad leads probably. or possible candidates for future squad leaders, so you stand a good chance of becoming one by joining now too
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