anybody work with the printrbot 3d printer?


so i just got a printrbot simple off of craigslist yesterday for $225 and i am having trouble with the extruder motor. basically, it doesn't move.
i don't know if it's because i have anything plugged in wrong, or if its a bunk printrboard. i ordered both a new printrboard and motor to hopefully solve this problem
but if anybody can help me out for the time being that would be so awesome because this is my first ever 3d printer!


There would be a lot of questions from me to know what Printrbot you have.

What model is it.? (year) compare photos from the website to find out.

Was the printrbot in pieces or assembled! If not try the assembly guide on the Printrbot website. The Wire could have been cut from the constant movement. My fan wire did that. Realized it wasn't going till I was fiddling with it.

If you ever want to print bigger things on your Printrbot. I suggest going to and looking up the printrbot simple. You can upgrade it from the standard 4x4x4 print surface to and distance you want, as long as you have the right rods and threaded rod (not from home depot or Lowes) longer belts and a lot of NUT&BOLTS :lol.


Unplug extruder cable, unplug any other axis motor, plug extruder cable into the other port. Attempt to move extruder motor via the control for the axis you put it on. Should answer the wiring/motor being dead question.


ok I have had my Simple 1405 for a few months now. The standard of ok for my first 3D printer. So after having it for these few months its now no longer a 1405 with the end of my final upgrade.

What you get is what you see from there website. But after using some of the mods/upgrades from it ended up looking like this.


Now this can happen to your new Printrbot. Of course it will take a while but in the end your print volume will be endless (longer Rods & Belts) Saving major amounts of money on this printer with a print bed that can be changed verses a printer that has a print bed that cant change at all.