Anyone Know Of Some Accurate Im Peps?


Ive spent an hour or two now downloading all of Dancing Fools Iron man mark III files and I have to say theyre

amazing, but ive run into one problem... I havent been able to find any of the ab, boots or shin pieces.

If anyone knows of some great files that would be fantastic!


Jr Member
Ok, I'll give you one thing, those files are hard to find around here.

The boot files can be found in SupermanExtreme1's (now STEALTH)'s Iron Man Complete Parts Location Thread in Belakor and Camiello's file, which also includes some low-def pieces for the whole suit.

I used the med-def Ab plate from Carnage's Iron Man parts thread, which I think you can still find around here.

The shins can be found in the same thread. I believe Clarx has a whole leg model, and there's also a shin-only file in there.

Hope that helps :)



Thanks a TON guys. I hope to have my iron man helmet resined by tomorrow, so Ill get those files and start on pepping!

Thanks!!! :)