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    405th Family,

    One of our own is currently waging war against cancer and can use all the love and support he can get. He's as tough as they come but even Super Heroes can use a boost.

    So head over to aracknoid3 Cosplay on Facebook and show him some 405th Love. Make sure to tell him where you are from. Let's flood his page with 405th Family!

    If you have events coming up, draw up a little message for him and take photos of you all in armor holding the message up and post it to his wall. Heck take photos of you working on your gear at home or at armor parties or anywhere else 405th are gathering with a sign just to let him know we are all here for him!

    Share the love, 405th! Let's help him show cancer out the door!
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    Done FANGS and thank you for sharing this! I know he will enjoy these messages also!

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