Are you the biggest halo fan?? (contest)

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Spartan 270

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Found this on Bungie, i entered. ;-)

=Are you the world’s biggest Halo Fan?

Seriously, are you? We’re looking for one Halo freak from each of the following cities (or close by) for some antics we may plan around the launch of Halo 3. Can’t promise anything will come of this, but if you’re from one of these cities, send us a brief bio and a one paragraph explanation of why you’re the most loyal Halo fan from your region.

New York

Los Angeles



San Francisco



Washington DC





Anecdotes, links, even (very small) photos are welcome proofs that you’re the hardest of the hardcore. Age, gender, all of that are irrelevant, we’re just interested in finding out how much you love Halo, and why you think you represent the Halo Nation.

Send an email to: in the next week with your location (see above) in the subject line. We’re going to shut this down next Friday (July 27th). Jumbo emails will be rejected, and make sure you include a way for us to contact you efficiently and quickly. Your privacy will be ensured and your information will not be used for anything public without your prior written consent. Can’t tell you much more than that and we’ll only be contacting you if you meet our somewhat mysterious criteria. So don’t hold your breath waiting for a response.
Better enter now before its too late.

;-) [/b]
And Alaska's bigger than TX,

But I'm not there.

The closes one to me is either Chicago or Detroit.... I think I'd be outta the running even if I had the prereqs.
i entered for dallas. i dont have alot of cool stuff, but i have alot of love(for halo)! haha. i highly doubt that ill win.
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