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I have noticed that not many of the newer forum members here are up-to-date on prop maker's techniques and laws and how to make prop weaponry.

SECTION I: Airsoft and You

Airsoft? No, not the BB gun you had as a kid. Airsoft is a game in which players battle using realistic weapons. Airsoft weaponry come in 3 variants-electric, spring, and gas. Springers (as they are called) are airsoft weaponry using a spring to power the BB (It IS BB, NOT pellet). They are the most reliable out of all airsoft guns. Next is gas guns. They are usually quite realistic. The pistols are cheaper than the rifles. They are usually quite realistic. They use "Green Gas", HFC134a, "Red Gas", and Propane. Electric (AEGs) are most common and use a gearbox powered by a toy-car like battery. They are excellent to use a bases for props.

Airsoft guns NEED to be treated as a weapon. You should NEVER play airsoft in an area where a non-combatant could see you. ALWAYS have an orange tip when transporting.

SECTION II: Prop Weapon Basics

Prop weapons are quite simple to make. We have 3 main ways to make them.
-Resin casts
-Metal, PVC, resin, parts

Resin casted weapons are created by a silicone mold and are the most realistic and least expensive to make when compared to the third option, which will be called "Works" props. Next is cardboard/cardstock. These also tend to be semi-realistic, and are extremely cheap. They also take the least time. Next is 'works" guns. They use various parts, and are THE most realistic. They usually have real metal parts, LED counters, etc.

Section III: Excellent Links

How to Wood Grain (You might not use this in HALO, but others are desperately looking for this!)

How to Metalize


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