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on your amor what kind of detailing did you do.. im going to use a silver base coat of paint with a steel over coat of paint so i can do a worn armor look... and im also going to put my spartin number on the back

some thing like this
On mine, (not finished yet) I will be cutting holes into the gauntlet (Unless I buy paintball gloves) and the feet and layer a sheet of cardstuck under the holes, it adds some detail, then I'd painting it black like most do. then on the torso I may cut holes around the neck of the front, like masterchief really has, then for the lower back of the torso, the large indent is suppose to have black/grey layered vents, so I may cut my own pattern, glue and resin them.
I would recommend a black base coat for a dark effect.
a white base coat for a lighter effect
then spray or brush on the paint you wish to use.

But if you're talking about actual details, then buy yourself a gallon of Bondo Body filler ;)
I plan on using that really thick craft aluminum foil as a base in some locations then sanding and/or burning away the paint... The concept seems good but I am not sure how it will work out when I get around to doing it.
since im doing mark VI im going to find some spartan symbols like on the shoulders in halo 2 and print them onto decal paper and apply them to my shoulders.
Because I'm too tired at the tail end of my project to start slapping more Bondo on my sanded pieces, I've started hand-painting my armor (inspired by 4ng31's thread here). I'm not nearly as good as his girlfriend, but I can hold my own, haha. It's amazing how the little details make the entire suit that much cooler to look at!
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