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colmon_9 said:
they even added it to the featured instructables of the month email
No offense but the armor looks like it could fit a fat kid and still have some room in there...doesnt it??? o_O
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His last costume? Poor kid fell into the stereo-types lies that think there's an age limit to trick-or-treating. :p

colmon 9

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dead-spartan said:
Yes did you read the page or do you subscruibe to instructibles.
yes i subscibe and browse only once and awile (doesnt have very good stuff anymore)
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good times...

going out on holloween with MC stuff on is the best!

everyone either asks. "What are you? you some kind of robot?" or they say "HOLY SHNIZLE MUFFINS!!! ITS MASTERCHIEF!!!"

yea :D
I think he did a really good job for being in the 6th grade. I think I was about 10 then. It looks like someone left him a comment telling him to come here. I sent him a message anyway. I bet in good time he could be really good at Armor. Just imagine if alot of the people on these forum had been doing this since they were 10. I'm sure there would be even more amazing armor suits to drool over.