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Since most people are always looking for the best ways to make their armor, I thought that maybe this would be a nice way to give people an idea as to what some people do to make their armor. All you have to do is write how you did/are planning to make your armor, as well as little extras you did like under armor, etc.

My Plan:

-Obtain super secret Mark V armor files (all credit to Moz)
-Print all components on 110lbs Card Stock (110lbs provides flexibility but lots of strength, use this if you have a not-so-gutsy printer like me=])
-Assemble all pieces and Resin
-Fill in details with Bondo (this stuff is not sculptable, so you really have to look around for something else if you want that)
-Paint (you can do this however you please, any colour, any style, any proceedure; they all look good)
-I plan to fill out my armor with some sort of lightweight foam, possibly styrofoam
-Get underarmor! I plan to use some padded stuff, so there you go!

For the helmet I am going to insert LED's and a fan.

Have fun posting your plans or creations (must be accompanied by proceedure) and see if you can make your own using other peoples ideas as well as your own!
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I don't want to break your bubble, but we all did same hehe
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I figured id give it a chance.

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