Props Assault Rifle by James Falcon


Muchos kudos for actually making one, and then making a second! They both look waaay beyond anything I could do, so great work!


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drgon47 said:
indeed, looks awesome.
For wood i think that he has done a hell of a nice job. Maybe with a little sanding and a new paintjob it can look more realistic.
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Sean Bradley said:
Before you guys all rip this guy up totally and say all kinds of mean things about his AR remember that he could log on here at any point and read the things you're writing. It could really make you look like a jerk when the person you're talking about casually shows up and says 'what the hell?'
I've seen it happen here before.
What the hell? I'm James Falcon...
And you're putting me down.

Just kidding, I've never even heard of this guy.
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