Chino san

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Say I had a plate of fiberglass thigh armor and I want to attach it to my leg without it falling off. How do I accomplish this?


higherneed4destruction said:
well if your like me velcro is no good. it falls of to easy. strap it with some rubber cement, if you dont want to drill
I think the point of keeping it to stay on is also being able to take it off. so he can use the under clothing for something else.
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Sean Bradley

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well if your like me velcro is no good.
Industrial veldro is hardcore. They're selling that stuff at hardware stores now... trust me you won't have problems with that falling off.
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Jace Evans

Hhhmm.... You could cut small slits into the armor piece then feed a strap through with a buckle so you can clip it together, and tighten it when needed.