Average Scaling Height

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So I'm working on a full suit of pepakura armor, that will be fiberglassed, resined, and wearable. After I finish, I was going to make a full suit and silicon mold all the pieces to be able to make pieces to sell. I need to know what the average human size is, to make an accurate suit scale. I'd assume it'd be around six feet, but I'm not sure.

The suits will be adjustable to a certain point, so they can fit people taller or smaller than the average height.

If you don't understand what I'm saying, just give me your estimate on how tall the average male/female is.


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We generally scale models and such for 6' tall. Everyone's proportions are significantly different. At 6' tall, the Master Chiefs inseam is something like 40" which is okay for a couple people in the world but generally speaking, a 6' tall person will have a 31" to 34" inseam. This is of course only based on averages.
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