Back in the saddle again...


Jr Member
Well, it's been a dog age since I posted anything here at the 405th forums and the reasons for this are numerous, really. As the temperature in my garage/workshop rose to over 100+ degrees, I decided to put my ODST project on hold. Soon after that, I was hired on to work at the Scene Shop and also became the prop master for two projects at Glendale Community College's theater department, one of which, a Japanese story called Rashomon, got my prop work nominated and for me to attend the Kennedy Center American Collage Theater Festival for Region 8 (KCACTF). Add to that my recent acceptance of the job of Masquerade coordinator for Phoenix ComiCon 2013 as well as my Father's rapidly failing health and you can see that I've been busy.


I am currently in a position to pick back up the tools and resume construction of my ODST armor and plan on doing so with a renewed vigor, as my goal is to have it 100% complete by May 20th - in time for Phoenix ComiCon starting May 23rd. I have been playing around with paints and the like on various bits of the armor and thus far, I'm liking how it's coming along so far. I do think that I'm going to restart/rebuild the entire torso base from scratch, as I'm not 100% happy with how it looks so far. It just doesn't seem curved enough, and for me, the silhouette is important.

This means that as it stands, I have maybe three pieces of the armor completed that I'm satisfied with. Not very many, I'm afraid, but I want it to be as perfect as I can manage.

I'll be resuming updates to my original ODST build thread as they happen, as well as make mention of them here on this blog too.

Anyhow - keep up the great work, Spartans, Marines, ONI, etc....