Best eva foam thickness for odst?


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Hello! I’m a beginner and im planning on making an odst cosplay. What is the best eva foam thickness and density I should use? Ive heard using a higher density is better but the website I’m buying it from only has 125kg density in stock and I’m worried it’s too much. The store has other densities but not all of the thickness options are in stock.


Not sure about density, but for thickness I used 0.5" thick puzzle mats for base, and 5mm Craft foam for details and thinner armor. I recommend not going higher than 0.5", since it gets harder to heat shape cuz of the thickness. Anything below 0.5" all the way down to 1mm is great. Hope this helps.


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Welcome Cody! For the base armour I like to use 6-12mm foam, depending on how curved a piece is, with 1-3mm foam for details. 125kg is a good density - it's not the highest but will still yeild good results. Also keep in mind that the higher the density, the harder it is to curve it.
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