Beta Time, I literaly mean time.

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So Im taking the day off from school but I will not besleeping late cause I wanna be up the instant the beta bar lights up on Crackdown but....

I dont know what time that is, anyone know? :treasure:
3am EST, k, ganna have to set my alarm to wake me up then, then i guess start download and go back to sleep for a little cause i heard some one say it took 3hr's to download
its at 3am now? crap maybe i shouldnt had give my code to my friend then, oh well i have crack down
:mad: :mad: NO!!! it must come out before then so i can play it before school. i was planning on sleeping all day so i could play all night. NO!!!!! :mad: :mad:
:hyper: :hyper: :hyper: YAY! time to study for finals take a nap wake up study sleep and wake up download halo 3 beta and sleep :hyper: :hyper: :hyper: NEED TO BUY ENERGY DRINKS
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