Billbill’s Revised Noble Six Build (3D Print)


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Hey all!

I figure I should probably keep you all in the know on my current project. I’ve been dabbling with Pepakura and Foam builds but never really got anywhere unfortunately. However since getting a 3D printer my build has finally started taking shape.
Using Moesizzlac’s Noble Six files I’m starting out with a default Noble Six build.


I used ABS plastic on my Ender 3 to start but since I didn’t have an enclosure many of the pieces warped, causing many gaps I had to fill with Wood Putty. After much sanding and trial and error I was able to get it to a more usable state, and put on the first coat of sandable primer.

Onto the painting, I straight up had no idea what I was doing, but I wanted to use a silver base coat so I could scratch off the outer layer and show the “metal” beneath. Then I applied a black coat, but it was much to dark. I kept messing with the amounts and probably put way to many layers, including an extra layer off primer after sanding it all mostly off at one point. But finally I got it roughly how I want it.

I’ll be sure to post more as I go. Thanks everyone who’s ever posted their builds they’ve been so helpful in figuring it all out!
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Progress update, about half way through the chest. Forearms built and painted, reprinted a new helmet and carved in missing details.


Speaking of missing details, I noticed that the files I used are missing details for the forearm, does anyone know if there are more detailed files out there, with the bolts, screws and other detailing? Most builds seem to be missing them but they do pop up from time to time. If not I’m going to try and freehand them out of foam.
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Been plugging for the past few months despite no updates. Around June I decided I wasn't happy with the Grey default Mark V B I had been working on, and started over. Reprinting the helmet wasn't the most fun thing in the world but I've gotten a lot better at minimizing splittings on this.

On my new CR 10 I can print most things in one piece, or just split it vertically to prevent failures on long prints

Behold my wonderful pile of armor!

The helmet is printed in two pieces and I'm tempted to reprint as one solid chunk once the rest is finished. Again this is Moesizzlac's base Mark V B with the extra lines carved in. I found copies of the game models from Reach somewhere I can't remember and managed to make printable models of the details that go on the side vent area of the helmet.
IMG_2474.jpg IMG_2473.jpg IMG_2472.jpg

The biceps I completed today, sans some decal work I'll add at some point down the line. I worry I may be over weathering but I'd like to make this look as used as I can, I've always been a fan of the grit in the live action trailers which are my biggest inspiration on this build.
IMG_2471.jpg IMG_2470.jpg IMG_2469.jpg IMG_2468.jpg

I've gotten both legs printed, one calf is currently being primed so it's missing from the pile above while it dries. I ended up purchasing a model on Etsy from NerdForgeDesigns which had some of the extra details I was looking for. The models are great and I recommend checking them out if you're willing to drop a few dollars on it
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Looks like you're achieving the desired level of grit, looks like it's very worn and seen some battles. (Of course I'm speaking from my almost nonexistent level of experience.) But it looks good.


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Managed to get my hands on one of the Nerf ARs. It's not a one to one replica to the Reach model but it's close enough for my purposes. I'm going to buff out the Nerf and Halo logos, try and drill in two holes to put neodymium magnets in and then paint it closer to the Reach model. My goal is to have the magnets be able to attach to the back plate once that's done.