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British groups - Sub Groups

Discussion in 'European Regiment' started by Mesh, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. Mesh


    Hey all, What started as a simple thing for me has turned into something I really like the idea of.
    In a backstory thread somewhere on the forums, I put down that I was in the Queen's 23rd Royal ODST. I want to make this some sort of 405th Subgroup, It's for fun, but if it picks up well in the future it could become serious :b
    It's kind of like a Clan on Xbox or something. If anyone is interested, please say so I know I'm not that one weirdo who has silly ideas that no one listens to xD
    Even if you're not interested and you want to give me guidance, feel free as I'd love for this to become something!

    Thank you for hearing me out :b
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  2. Chernobyl


    We used to have a dedicated subforum for UK members called Excalibur - unfortunately we didn't have enough active UK members to keep the group running. It's likely that other such ventures won't gather the interest you'd need to sustain it, I'm afraid.

    That said, it's an interesting idea that I'd like to see bear fruit.
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  3. Mesh


    I think what is most likely to happen, is this will become a small cosplay group for me and any fellow ODST's/Spartans I find on my adventures :b It would be nice to see it become nationwide though
  4. Chernobyl


    I'd agree, but again - you're unlikely to find and generate an awful lot of UK/European interest in such a group. We just don't have the numbers in terms of active members to sustain such clubs.

    It might be worth trying to generate interest in an ODST-specific detachment under the 405th banner, and then proceeding from there. I've toyed here and there with seeing if it's worth generating different forum-specific groups/clubs for different costumers, such as an ODST club, a Spartan-II, II and IV club, so on and so forth.
  5. Masky


    I suggest posting in the Facebook group. Most members are really active there.
  6. Chernobyl


    That's a decent thought, but honestly, we're trying to encourage users not to go 'do their own thing' off-site, in order to prevent us from having dozens of difficult-to-manage sub-groups floating around stepping on each other's toes. Facebook is a great place for getting social events organised but otherwise, setting up little 'clubs' really should be done here on the 405th.

    Again, having a European - or even simply a global - ODST battalion, isn't a bad idea at all. The main concern is simply in having the local numbers to maintain region-specific 'clubs'. I would honestly try, as I said, seeing how general interest across the 405th lies in having an ODST-centric club, before splintering into region-specific battalions or squads.
  7. Mesh


    Hi all,
    I did end up making a page for myself with my chosen title, and intrest with a few friends led me to having this idea become a reality. I now have 5 other ODSTs and we will be hitting up cons as a group when we can.
    I'd appreciate it if you could like my page however :D


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