Building Airsoft Version of Halo 3 BR55HB SR Rifle

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Well, I just joined this site, so hi everyone. Also, I must say, some people on here have some REALLY nice suits; I've always wanted one since I've seen Nightmare Armor's version in OXM, but sadly I can't find their site anymore, so....

Since I've been immersed with airsoft since around 3 years ago, and with the recent Halo 3 release, I just thought "Man, I should just make a friggin BR rifle." So, I'm planning to do so before the end of my senior year.

Here's the current topic on my discussion on ASR:

Now, since a lot of people have really accurate replicas, I was hoping maybe I could get some hints on how to do the externals. I'm using the FN2000 rifle as a base (since the rear section is much closer to the BR than a FAMAS), and will be adding a custom made carry handle and a G36 handguard w/ flash hider.

Anyone have questions/suggestions on my project feel free to post

Thanks everyone! And compliments on a wonderful site :D
the easiest thing to do is buy a FAMAS, but on a rail and red dot scop and modify the butt with refrence you might have to find a new place to put your battery you can just bondo the rest or somthing to make it look less like a FAMAS and more like a BR
theres also the s-m8 it has a silincer on it also a few mor i cant remeber on that site just look around
Don't waste your time with that- try a TM FAMAS or a new Jinpeng FAMAS. I hope we get more members from Airsoft forums. I'm The Merchant Of Venice on most Airsoft forums, I've not went on ASR yet...
dude these p90s are biger then those mini guns ok and i found some more br look alikes il try to link them wen i find them again

edit: heres a link looks good will need work tho guns
if it dont work its
How old are you? Do you know anything about this gun? Prolly not, this is however one of my favs. Those P-90 airsoft are that small. The weapon is a small submachine gun that has the barrel farther back in the butt of the gun, allowing for a smaller exit barrel, this way they can get it around corners in urban areas easier(they do make a longer barrel for "civilian use").
ABC check please It will make reading your posts easier.
Hey, well i am very intrested in airguns too i just started my halo 3 br about 5 months ago it is made from scratch. i am expirementing with it right now, As you can see it is just a start it is automatic so it can fire 3 pellets per shot. it is very accurate too. yes you may say that it doesnt look like a br but you can see that it is taking shape if you need any help in figuring out stuff ill try to help you out :D
I'm actually using a JLS F2000 AEG, if anyone knows what that is. Here's my progress as of now (not far):


Going to work on it tomorrow :D
sweet, i never would have thought about using one of those, i know its bullpup but still, good job why didn't you go for the one in black? or are you going to spray it all black or something? but anyway looks good keep up the good work.
I shall be following this thread with close interest. I've come over from Arnies Airsoft...its a UK airsoft forum. Basically I'm looking at making an airsoft battle rifle, but I'd like to do it from the ground up. I intend to design the thing using Catia V5 and get the parts made.

This will be an interesting thread as it'll help me work out where the mech box is best placed, the hop chamber and mag chamber. Have you thought about putting an ammo counter on this beast?
Hey Ares (Merchant)

Thanks for the tip, this place is very very cool. I guess I need to do more reading than posting at this stage....but this site offers so much food for thought.

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