C2E2 2022 Info and Roll Call: August 5th - 7th 2022


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hey if anyone in the feed is wanting a Midwest Regiment armor badge, let me know. I have made an STL print file of our regions logo. Now make sure you are meeting membership guidelines before you make a decision to wear it.
Hello Bert. This is your formal warning that your creation of a .STL file of the MidWest Regiment's logo is a direct violation of the Terms of Service of the Movie Prop Sites LLC websites, the 405th's Mantle, and the 405th Logo and Branding Guidelines.

Please cease and desist all use of this STL file immediately.

Additionally, this thread is intended to be for sign ups for C2E2 and information dissemination for this event. Please try to keep all further posts here On Topic so the organizers can keep an accurate head count and get information out with out clutter.


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Not everyone has/uses messenger to communicate, can we either set up a temporary discord server or a channel specific to C2E2 in the existing discord to cover those individuals as well? speaking as someone who is unlikely to check my messages from messenger.

For those who prefer discord, there's now a thread under the midwest-regiment channel called C2E2 GANG-GANG for this purpose.
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Hey All,

I was looking into parking and NobleofDeath16 suggested sharing here.

Link to Parking

Edit: Adding link to parking from C2E2 Website too - Link

There is parking not too far from the hotel:


Prices are not too bad (considering downtown Chicago)

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