Cardboard Armor -Revised Helmet

What needs improving?

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I am posting this a bit late, but this topic has been cleaned out in a movement to try to crackdown on all the "Spam" and Useless post's we have been having around here.

Its been cut 3 pages of useless junk.

My apologies to the Mods.

I do have one question. Where can I get more cardboard? I seem to have used all of my extra boxes at my house, and was wondering if anyone knows a place that would lend me some. I need more for the chest piece, btw.


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cardboard i usually get at wal mart if you go to anyone who works there and say do you have any free boxes they give you like a ton i got 3 carts full of cardboard.
you can also find some at target do the same thing
I acutally put some detail in the armor, but I still need to apply the final coat of green paint on my existing pieces. I think then you will be able to see the detail better. Anyone have tips on how to weather armor?

Oh, and how do you delete the poll? I think its served its purpose to me.
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