Cardboard ODST Helmet

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It has begun.
The basics frame is complete...but...I can't get any duct tape or hot glue (I prefer it)
I can say a pure cardboard helmet has been dumped for probally a baseball helmet ODSTS helmets are Basically a bit mis-shapen Spartans...
Well if as you say the ODST helmet is a slightly mis-shapen Spartan helmet couldnt you use the Pepakura MC helmet and just modify it? or is that not viable?
well to make an ODST with the MJOLNIR helmet start you would need to clip out the visor, and lengthen the face plate, remove the flat surfaces for light's on each side and blam ODST. Feet first into hell. ;)
It's Fraz.. And you're welcome..:)

Props to SniperShadow for getting the file to me.. We got there in the end..:)
SWEET. Even though I'm not working on my ODST costume, I'll make the helmet and eventually complete that costume.
Then put the numbers on yourself. there's a little flap id check box. checking that should work. If not, I can't help you.
Ares said:
Or someone could make a Pepakura ODST for us Helljumpers...

i think they already do have one...... but i dont know where to get them cause im looking for some too....
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Check one of my old topics I made, it has the pep helmet and torso scaled and ready to print, I made them.
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