cheap visor

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i know fancy pants people get motorbike visors and stuffbut i couldnt aford or find one you this what i did:
i know its not great but im 12 so ya know
what i did is i got celophane (get it from craft shops)
and folded it up heaps then stuck it in the greta thing is you can see out but people cant see in.
hope that helps
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you know, u should use the colored divders$fficial%26sa%3DN
Ragnarok118 said:
Good idea, can you see through it?

yes the only way people can see through it is if they come withen 5 cm (not likly unless there weird)
cellophane costs about $4
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i wonder how it would look if u trimmed down a cheap clear visor, then pulled the cellophane taught over it, then hot glued it in the helmet, how good it would look
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