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pfft i put my tree up like 2 weeks ago

also thinking about trying to get a new comp

PS this topic has given me an idea
Well now I have a job, and making lots of mad money, I'm pretty much buying myself my own gifts, a few will be from my parents, but usually clothes since anything I want, I earn my own money then blow it on that one item.

The only 1 true thing I want right now is...stormtrooper armor, I got to be the chief for once which made me proud, and I will be him again sometime, but I feel stormtrooper armor being more well known since most people have seen star wars or recognize it (even small kids, adults, teens) I feel I'd get more gratification from that suit than the chief, alot of people ask if i am a scuba diver or a robot.....
i put my christmas tree up to and in my peer mediation class we are doing a chrismahannakwansica theme (ecose is in my class and so is corbin whatever his name is)
getting ready for the holidays...YAY CHRISTMAS!
grampa just finished his medication from some kind of illness, and the doctor gave the thumbs up to go home! Yes!
now, im wondering what to get mommy, daddy, brownie(brother) and grampa...
i got a few ideas for dad, a new acoustic guitar...he was a musician back in vietnam...
mommy? dunno...
brownie? maybe a new cell cuz bell express is coming or a new iTouch...
grampa? just give him an envelope with $100 bucks in it...

....i need ideas, if u guys can help, do so, cuz im drawing a blank
O yeh thats right, was gonna buy mum a framed picture of dolphins (she loves dolphins). Gonna be setting up the Christmas Tree 1st of December.
Not open for further replies.