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Hey guys. I'm new to all of this and happen to stumble on to this site while looking for a master chief holloween costume. Now that I've found it I'm really hooked. I've looked through the forums the past few days and just signed up. I really want to make some awsome armor and to be honest I was impressed by alot of the work I see on here. Although, I have to say that Chris Bryan's armor is my favorite. There isn't alot of that hexagon look in it. I was wondering if there is a certain set of plans he used and if so where can I find them. Its the perfect set of armor for me to dive into. I'm really interested in making a great quality set. Everything he did from the design right down to the black inserts inside each part. SUPERB!

Also are there any videos on how to construct armor from start to finish? If not that would be awsome if someone who is experienced made one.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read and hope someone can help.

To my knowledge Chris Bryan custom built all his pieces out of mat board. There's not a plan of his per se (if there was I wouldn't expect him to share it hehe). He documented his process enough to give people the gist of how he did it and many people here build their armor in a similar fashion (heavy paper base + fiberglassing).

If you are looking for schematics to work with, check out the Pepakura forums (in Creation Discussion). Several members here have contributed printable patterns that can be scaled in a (free) program and used to construct a custom suit of armor. Different sets vary in style and level of detail so I suggest at taking a look at each and seeing which you like best.

How to Make Pepakura Armor (+ downloads for Halo 2 armor)
Halo 3 Pepakura by Slyfo

FlyingSquirl is also working on a really detailed Halo 3 set. It's not a complete set yet but currently has the torso and helmet. View the thread here.

You can search through the member galleries/hall of honor to see what the different types look like when they are done too.

As far as video goes, there is a whole thread dedicated to tut vids and such. There is not a complete video tutorial to date, but there are many text threads with pics and explanations to teach you what you need to know. And as always, people will be happy to answer specific questions if you can't find them answered in the stickies or posts.

Hope that helps,
If you want to go with molding, there are tutorials in the video section, and tons will be willing to support you making the armor in the molded section, otherwise if you go with pep, were there too.
Thanks alot guys. I look forward to talking with all of you at a later time. Hopefully, it will involve some great armor that I'm working on. Thanks again.
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