Converting needler pep into airsoft gun

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Alright guys since I haven't seen one or heard of anyone else doing this I am going to attempt it. First off I am a noob here on the forums and have been watching in amazement with all the creativity flowing around here! I am going to try to pep a needler and leave room to install a pistol where the grip is. can anyone give me an idea of how you might think this will work?

Seth Knight

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Check out Redshirt's Spartan Laser build in which he is making a wood/metal airsoft SL. It's somewhere in the Creation Discussion. Also... There's a problem I've heard with bb's penetrating the bondo/fiberglass shells, so... more research needed there, but I think it would be possible to cast it in a stronger plastic and then make it, but that's something for you to decide.


Croc co

That needler has way too many pages.

I would probably integrate a basic machine bb pistol into a split open fiberglass model, but that's my imagination.
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