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    plus here's my message.

    hard to brother, we're all part of the 405th we're all brother's and sister's on here, just remember that because when the time come's we must unite and fight for a common goal.
    Haha! man I'd love to go down there and help you build it (I'm thinking of volunteering for any haunted houses around here and maybe add a little... 'haloween' to the place :p
    sounds like something halesy said. plus I'm running the numbers for the base, and yeah i'll rent it out, if you wanted to I'd let you move into it. just thing about all the room you'll have.
    Hey man how's it going?? It's been awhile, and unfortunately I haven't been able to keep up with the 405th. Logged in and saw your infantryman status and your progress on some of your builds, awesome work! Keep it up for those who temporarily can't! Best of luck to ya, Kinggoobero
    lol, right now luck is now my friend. i have to wait until the summer to shoot their, and the fact that everything around here is football, football, football. yeah so what if we won a BCS title, i want to shoot out there. so now i've got to do some shots i don't really want to do now, but thats the rocks for yea.
    well mainly i just got strapping and some minor painting and mounting. next thing i'll need is to get some primits to shoot at some locations, and to do a casting call at school, god i hope they rush me on the frist day.
    wait your not the armor on there are you? oh and yeah i have a check list of things that need to be done and things that can wait. plus if i had the people i could put up a trailer this week, found the pretect place to do a can you see them moment.
    hey seth your inbox is full might want to clean it out a little. i was trying to send you three emial and they wouldn't go through.
    I know it's been thought about before, and there is costume design schools, and I know I don't kneed another project or have the skills to start one, but if anyone is interested in the creation of a costuming school, please pm me. If there are enough people interested and enough talented artists interested it might be a possibility, just throwing it out there. I won't/can't act on it now, but maybe later.
    I NEED SOME AMMO!"... "Oh, you need some ammo?... here's a pistol... and...*drops live grenade* uh oh, that's a grenade..." *BOOM* (transcript from Battlefield Friends).
    Sorry no update posts as of lately, work has kind of taken over my life for now, but I'll get some pics up soon with what I do have done.
    Wishes he lived in Texas or Arizona so that the winter wouldn't stop his suit creation. Thanks gliderx64 for the pep file, don't know how to scale the darn thing right, but sometime that I have a moment to breath (yeah, like that's going to happen lol) I'll try my best to get it unfolded and in the correct size, there's a lot of other pep files I want to re-unfold and smooth out, but sadly I'm not there yet. Good luck to everyone on their costumes!
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A Visionary, my dream is to make my dreams real and share them with others.

Art, costuming, writing/screenwriting, film making
Oct 2, 1994 (Age: 29)
United States, Indiana
Prop and Costume Fabricator/Designer
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I build props and costumes, follow me and my team here: https://www.facebook.com/WulfgarWeapons/?fref=ts
Instagram (where I actively post what I'm working on): https://www.instagram.com/sethknite/
Always have loved the world of Halo, hope to make some props from it soon!