Could Onyx be the Ark?

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I am a new member to the forums but have been viewing them for years. I just came up with theory a few days ago, so bear with me if it's a little bit lacking.

The Structure underneath the ruins of New Mombasa, which is rumored to be the ark, bares a great deal resemblance to the slip-space portal on Onyx which led to the shunted-off Micro-Dyson sphere. If the Ark is supposed to be the shield and halo the sword, than the ark must lead to the micro-dyson sphere of Onyx. Also, onyx is referred to as a shield world, possibly meaning that it is the ark, not the structure under New Mombassa. Which could also mean that every Halo, because similar structures have been found on the backs of the halos, could also be used to send any forerunners that might be on the halos during the firing sequence to the Ark, which would be the micro-dyson sphere.

There are many similarities with the “ark” and the slip-space portal. This structure has 14 spires, although the rift had 13, though when one counts the pairs of spires they come up with 13. The 14th spire is hidden behind the 1st spire. I concluded this because as seen above, the spires are grouped in twos, and it makes sense that if you follow that logic all the way around, the last group would also have 2. Unless of course that it really does have 13 spires, which would back this theory farther. Secondly, the white-purple light coming from the center is obviously being emitted from inside the structure, as when the 6 main panels on the “surface” of the structure pull back (and also sink into the structure if you watch closely) you can clearly see it is as if it has been “laying there” so to speak, like water, or perhaps like a stargate from Stargate SG1, how it has the portal stretched across it’s surface.. The white light in the center must be a slip-space portal. If you look at the “hole” torn by Regret’s carrier when he arrives at delta halo, the hole shines in a similar fashion to this. Also, why else would it blast out a wave of energy if if wasn’t tearing a hole in space and moving all (intelligent) living matter to the ark (micro-dyson sphere)?

If you think about the term Ark, specifically in reference to the story of Noah and the Great Flood, it is to be used to store all the creatures of the land and save them from drowning, and to keep them safe while they search for a land to re-populate themselves in. Also, considering that onyx activated after the events in Halo 1, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it was preparing to go into a “stand-by” phase to be ready for refugees. If this is true, then every one of the halos has multiple gateways to the Ark. On the back of each halo there are, spaced out, many structures equal in size and shape to this structure under New Mombasa. If it is a slip-space portal to the dyson sphere, then they must be on halo to possibly rescue the reclaimer after activation (?). After mulling this over the first few seconds after receiving this thought, it seemed pretty reasonable. More proofs will be on the way as I continue to look in to this.

P.S. I don't know how to get the pictures on here, simple a task it may be. I've never really put picture on a forum, and it didn't let me paste them so if anyone could help, that would be great.
A really good theory. REALLY good.

I am so hoping that earth doesnt turn out to be an expirment by the fore runners to create a full planet rather than rings.

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Hmm thats a good theory. I got one theory too about that giant artifact thing in the Halo 3 E3 preview. (SPOILER OF GHOSTS OF ONYX, IF YOUR READING THE BOOK DONT LISTEN TO WHAT IM ABOUT TO SAY)

A the end of ghosts of onyx the spartans entire some kind of protal thing that takes them somewhere, possibly a teleport portal thing. Then the book ended with the Spartans in the place where the portal went too. Well, they got there through a forunner city, through a giant dome structure. My theory is that dome structure on onyx is the same as the giant structure in the Halo 3 E3 preview. And that the portal in the dome on onyx goes to the giant forunner structure on earth. The two structures may look different. However, the structure on Earth could be the dome but FOLDED outward. Anyway, my theory just explains how i think the two structures are linked and how they could possibly work.
yes, pretty much. There has to be some connection between the two structures. Not to mention those structures on the back of the Halos. It leaves one to wonder...what will the Halo 3 plot line reveal about all of this? I also thought it was interesting to note that at first, the onyx sentinels spoke in Latin, or something like it, when they obviosly knew english. I doubt any translater ash may have had in his armor could translate forerunner. So, why speak latin to a subject which knew english? wierd. anyway, though, SpArtan-270's theory does make sense if you think about. The two structues must be related somehow. there are just to many simalarites. Besides, why have only one entrance to the micro-dyson sphere (which I will be refering to as the Ark) when you could have other non-infected forerunners strewn about, like on earth (humans, if you follow the humans are desendents of forerunners theory)? It would make sense to have multiple locales with which to gain entry to the Ark, such as Earth ot the halos. Also, in response to Spartan-129's post, there is a "leaked script" of halo 3 (i have a copy of it) that basicly says that the "ark" is a giant halo ring built into the earth. But, the authenticity of the script is yet to be decided. All interesting little connections though... :mystery:
Here is another one, but if Onyx was the Ark to the Covenant, but is called the Shield world to the Forerunners, would that make Earth the Sword world to the Forerunners, cause it mentioned there being a sword and shield planet, and if Onyx is the Shield, would Earth be the Sword because the newly discovered Forerunner installations?
Ahhhh, my brain hurts!

all right, heres just some of my stuff: *Spoiler Warning*

The Halos are the Swords (offense: destroying all sentient life), Shield worlds are the shields (Duh)(Defense: Salvation for those who activated the Halos). It is likey that there are more than 1 shield worlds (probably 7). So, would Earth be one these shield worlds? Perhaps, but probably not. The Sentinal who spoke to Ash (right?) spoke latin, which it gathered from the small amount Ash talked to it. But did it not also speak something other than Latin before that? (It did, right? Can't remember). That language was no doubt the Forerunner's language. Perhaps latin is derived from the Forerunner's language? And English is derived from... Well, German, right? But let's just say Latin anyways. This would mean that Humans are an "Aborigonal Subspecies" (in the Sentinal's terms) of Forerunners. Meaning Forerunners are From Earth? So I would think that their homeworld would be more important than a shield world. Since it obvioulsly isn't a Halo (That leaked script is fake), the only other option would be the Ark. It was obviously activated in the Trailer (Which Bungie said was 2/3 the way through the game, right?). And surely you all know what the Ark does- remotely activates the other Halos. But, if the other Halos were activated, then of course everyone would die and the game would end, but that is only 2/3 the way through. So... What's that mean? It wasn't activated in the trailer? Perhaps only opened? Got me on this one...

And that's all I got. Maybe more later.

Oh, and I've just got to throw in the hard-to-miss Biblical Reference:
The Ark saves us from the Flood-
The Ark in Halo cuts off the Flood's food suply, killing them.
The Ark in the Bible saves 2 of every animal from the Flood.

That last phrase got me thinking. Wether it was meant to or not :eyepatch:
2 of every animal? Perhaps this could mean all of the covenant and humans. And maybe a few Forerunners :p

Er... I was under the impression that Humans are the descendants of the Forerunners... could be wrong though
I just got another thing. Maybe the Ark isn't the sturcture on earth but the ship truth left in. Think about it, Guiilty Spark said the other place to activate halo was the Ark. Well, my second idea is that the Ark is that ship. And that ship is the "key" to activating halo a second way. Maybe when that ship lands in the structure on earth its the second way to activate halo which explains the laser as kinda like a signal to activate the halos. Think of it as a Key going into a Lock and unlocking it. With the key being the Ship, and the lock being the structure on earth.
but we do not know that because of the end of Ghosts of Onyx. remember that door that the spartans went into. all the forerunners could be in there because they were running from the flood. which would explain the reason why there were none on any other planets. and onyx, im guessing, is one of the shield worlds. there is probably 7 like every other thing in halo. but the locations in the universe could tell us alot more. cuz if earth is in the center or on the opposite side of the shield worlds as the halos. it is obviously the ark.

And if you look at the halo 2 volume 2 cd track 3 it is title 'Mombosa suite' and if you look at the sub tracks there is one titled 'Road to Val'. Val is presently located on the outskirts of Present Day Mombosa. In 2552 New Mombosa has consumed Val. I dont think they would put that name into a soundtrack without it having to do with anything.

The covies have been searching for centuries to find the Ark. Which would make them incredibly stupid. to not know about earth if it wasnt a 'Secret'. The forunners were not stupid they needed to hide the ark.

And if you think the covies came to earth to kill off the humans you were wrong because they didnt even know humans were on earth let alone other life on Earth. which would make sense since all the other forerunner structures were seemingly vacant of life. which means the covies knew that earth had something to do with the halos and the forrunners.

and if you made an all powerful weapon would you leave it unguarded. NO! it would be guarded by a force that you know would be able to guard it. and we all know that people cannot trust anyone but themselves which would make humans forerunners.

and why would they call Master Chief 'The Demon'? could it be that he has some significance in "the GREAT JOURNEY". because we also have to think. would anything as powerful as the rings be left without instructions, probably not. which means that the prophets found it and they changed it into a "religion" of sort. and in all stories there is a savior and a demon.
and the prophets want the power of the rings so they want to destroy anything in the way. which is why they labeled Master Chief as 'the Demon' cuz they want him gone. and he has some significance otherwise the stupid floating robot thing wouldn't know what he was trying to do even though he was trying to trick Master Chief.

. . . . . . but i could be wrong and i could be rambling.
WanderingRon1n, are you saying that humans were created/left behind?

Perhaps the moniters were only programmed to find others capable of activating the Halo's.

As for the Ship theory, i think that would be a less likely one, No offence. But, if the ship is destroyed then the Key would be lost and you wouldn't want to make a fragile key or one that could get lost.
Basicly what I was getting at was that you have the 7 halos, the Earth, and Onyx. Earth would activate every halo at once, open up all gates, which would be located on the backs of the halos, on a view scattered locales on earth, and of course on onyx. All these gates would leadx to the same place, the "Ark", which would be the micro-dyson sphere. And when they said in Ghosts of Onyx that the sphere was devoid of forerunners, there is no possible way for them to know that! Its 2 au in diameter! That's twice the diameter of earth's orbit. even if there was an entire forerunner country in that sphere, they would either a) never find it due to scale, or :cool: stumble upon it very later. besides, ALL the forerunners couldn't have died out. If they were smart enough to do the things they did, build the things they did, and build up a vrtually galixy-spaning empire, one would think that there would be at least one planet still populated by forerunners. Maybe they fled the galixy, or maybe are in the sphere. But we can't know for sure. I think they were going a little to far when they said that the sphere didn't have any forerunners hidding out in it. It's just far to huge. They'd have to explore every square inch, which would take thusands of years.

anyway, all your theories are great. Keep at it!
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