CQB Helmet

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Has anyone made a CQB helmet yet besides that cardboard one? Anyone make one from Slyfo's pepakura models? I'm starting one now and I want to know if anyone had any fit issues, or if its weird to sand and get it to look like the game's version. Thanks!

P.S. I would and have searched for pictures/threads but CQB is under 4 letters and thus cannot be searched. :mad:
Thanks so much for the help! (unfortunately the wild card didn't help. Wahhh!)
Anyway, Ive noticed the CQB visor is very "long" and a different shape than the normal chief visor. Does anyone know if the HJC visor will work?

On a happier note I got all the pepakura materials and fiberglassing stuff today! Ive finished printing (after beating my printer into submission) and when I get a good chunk done I'll post it, as CQB helms are "rare". I'd appreciate any help, as theres not much on CQB's. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

On yet another note, I've realized I wont be able to get anything else besides the helmet done by Halloween so I'm going to get dressed...as my AVATAR!!!! I'm going to put a chef hat on top of the helmet and carry a sick spatula. Maby I'll rig a belt with some spoons and such. Forget sticking someone with a plasma grenade...TAKE MY PIE GRENADE IN THE FACE GRUNT!!!
AHHHH! I just realized that like 90 percent of the folds on my armor are labeled as valley. Does that mean that all the numbers will be on the inside?
Sigma-LS said:
smilie has made one. I haven't seen fiberglass or detailing progress on it though.

Yup I have made one I threw it though (not quite in the bin yet just laying around). I didnt scale it so do you think its worth carrying on?

heres pic 4 u
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Idk thats what I've been asking...grrrr. I think I'm gonna scrap this project and do the new H3 helmet by Flyign Squirrel. He took out all the s*** you don't need to model.
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