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One element I always like to incorporate into my cosplay outfits is some cross universe element. It makes them unique and always seems to draw attention at Cons. My first one was my first cosplay outfit - the 10th Dr. Who. While doing my 3 year full scale, operator-on-inside, motorized, fully electro mechanical 2005 New Series Dalek I wanted a cosplay outfit to wear at Con's where our Florida Dalek Builders Brigade had a booth. I decided to encorporate Silacious Crumb since I could easily come up with a back story that the Dr traveled back in time to rescue him from becoming barbecued as was seen in the Mandalorian. So I acquired a Disney puppet and sewed a metal plate to my overcoat. He has a magnet on his base so he sits on my shoulder firmly and this lets the cable which controls his head and mouth movement to run down my back and the control head slips into my left pocket. The result is that as I'm walking around his head moves to look at people who notice him and I can move his mouth so we can "talk to each other. While walking through the 501st Legion universe at Cons he's always a big hit.

Fir my Mandalorian build I decided to put him into my should bag so he could ride along with Grogo ...

This brings me to my current build - Halo tv series MC build where I considering a non Halo universe rifle for my cross universe piece. I recently completed a screen accurate Callahan Full bore Auto Lock for a Jayne Cobb outfit that would work and I also recently found a cool looking assault rifle from another video game ...

So is anyone else doing the cross universe thing in their builds? If so, what ?


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Sounds like a cool idea! Don't talk yourself out of it. If its interesting too you that's good enough to do it. Several people (including my wife) gave me some grief when then found out I was going to add Slacious Crumb to my Dr Who outfit. Of course i did it anyway and at the first Con it was a big hit. Particularly in the 501st universe area - people loved it!

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