Dan's finished helmet. Thanks to...


Special thanks go out to members of the 405th.com fourm members who have helped me on the way. i would also like to especially thank Slyfo and Bluerealm studios. also, Adam for his painting tut video.
this fourm is a great place to be.

i'll be wearing this baby through school!
next year i'll have the whole suit done.

kinda hard to tell but thats oregano green with silver 'weather marks.'
inside padded with camping stuff...

thanks again everyone.


Walter Spase

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It's Dannifood4less's helm file... judging by the title...

Nice helm... man you MC got beat up good... lol Nice job


haha thanks everyone
got way too much attention at school and walking around just a couple of hours ago with my friends.

it's actually Slyfo's model. I used plastic sheets and glaze, unfortunately the wrong glaze though (bondo glaze)


yeah but isnt the metal glaze more like goo, and the bondo glaze i used is like actual putty, like its easily shapeable