Defiant map pack behind the scenes look

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Just thought I would post this

listen carefully to every word that frank o'conner says

- Jacob
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Did anyone else notice the BXR sign? ROFL

And camp Froman... seriously if that's it im going to go nuts about it. The Eastereggs and info within that map would be fun to hunt for.

Also, anyone else notice the distance blur while viewing film clips of in game action during this video? i think we might be getting some new visual effects because i don't see why they would implement the coding for that, only to use it in a video like this. Major waste of resources unless its for public use.
You know, i noticed that the music was a re-invisioning of past halo tunes, anyone notice this?
BXR Mining was also in the Campaign :p

I think the distance blur was just a video after effect, and not an in-game code bit. It'd be pretty cool, but I'm not at all holding my breath. (ALRIGHT, DIGITAL FOCAL POINT)
Never even noticed, I'm blind as a bat lol

Its doubtful to be a video after effect. Putting code into the game engine even for just this video is far easier than adding the effect after the clip is recorded, and more accurate at that. Putting a blur in video clips for a trailer or even videos like this has never been done in halo before unless its a major trailer that might be seen on TV or a big announcement video. To write the code into the game just for a minor video is more work than is necessary, even for just a cool effect. Franky has stated in Q&A's that they want to innovate in many areas and one being Theater mode. While i still don't know if its possible that they can update this to all of theater mode and not just these three maps which would make it useless, the probability is good. And i can tell by close examination that the blurred scenes are coded because of the fluidity and quality of every object being blurred in the scene. Also a lot of end scenes use distance blur and it makes no sense to do this because it blurs the very thing they want to show off, the maps. The put heavy emphisis on blurring where blurring wouldn't be needed

After all it would be a big quantum leap in video capture for almost every player from Machinima makers to strait up screenshots and funny clips. And would put Reach's video system ahead of all competition.

I would say its hopeful, but your right that we cant hold our breath.
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