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does anyone think i will need a degasser? if you dont know what it is, its a machine that does something to get out all the gas from your resin or whatever your using. also, i need a couple visors but does anyone know of any stores that might sell them? the lowest i found online was on ebay for $20 and $6 shipping and thats a bit expensive...
You don't need it for fiberglassing. Vacum/pressure casting is mainly just for urethane casting resins... If you feel you need 'that something extra' for glassing your armor, you can invest $5-$10 for a 'wetting roller'. It looks like the mutant offspring from a paint roller & a fine wire pet brush... It basicly pushes resin into the fabric while illiminating any air pockets. Simply working carefully with a brush as you apply your resin will give you the same results. For good results, there really isn't any shortcuts... You need to take your time & don't rush it... Usualy you'll spend less time going slow, then trying to rush & having to do more cleanup & fixes afterwards...


Xavier said:
degasser is like 400$
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k thanks for the info guys :lol: one more question though. how do i make the final product look all smooth and shiny? is it just sanding and glossy paint?
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