descent into mjolnir hell... or how i made armor in a day...

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Ok.... so I had a dilemma. I was challenged to make a HALO costume for my family's halloween party this past sunday. the challenge was made the sunday prior.... one halo suit, one week and a budget of $100...

needless to say, after many a sleepless nights and many aborted attempts, i completed my armor in one (that's right, one) night....

i could bore everyone with the details, but i stick to the high points so others may be able to learn from my lessons.

quick facts:

- used pep armor from the pep armor sticky
- forgot to scale the first 2 times, then settled on a 24.273 setting (i'm 5'10"/200lbs)
- could not/would not use fiberglass


- 110lb cardstock from office depot ($5.24/pack)
- 2 x cans of spruce green rustoleum satin finish ($5.64/can)
- 1 x can of textured dark brown rustoleum ($5.64/can)
- 2 x cans of black rustoleum satin finish ($5.64/can)
- 4 x cans of great stuff expanding foam insulation ($7.62/can)
- 1 x sheet of gold tissue paper from the dollar store
- 1 x box of industrial velcro ($26.74)
- 2 x bottles of fast grab tacky glue (~$3.00)
- 4 x cans of black plastidip spray
- 1 x 3L bottle of generic soda
- 1 x roll black duck tape


- download, scale, print pep armor (if you can, print with grey scale faces, it helped me later on) **make sure you scale the armor a little bigger than normal, ~10%, this is important later **
- cut armor and score card stock with utility knife (** i know the tip about using red and black pens to score, but the xacto knife worked better for me)
- prefold all the pieces
- glue together all the pieces, let dry for 30-60 minutes
- paint pieces with 2-3 coats of plastidip, letting dry 30 minutes in between each coating. (this kinda makes the paper pep into a rubbery hybrid material)
- using the foam insulation, slowly spray the inside of the armor, using small rows of product about a finger's width, leaving a finger's width between each line of foam
- wait 60-90 mintues for it to expand
- using a small spaces hack saw (~$5.00 at lowe's or home depot) cut off the large bumps and any foam that's not where it should be
- make cuts in the armor pieces. this is so you can clamshell the armor around your arms and legs. (not needed for chest plate, backpack, etc.)
- using sand paper (i used coarse grit taped around a wiffle ball bat) sand the inside of the armor pieces, but not so much so that the structural integrity of the piece is compromised
- paint the outside green, and the inside black *** DO NOT USE THE PLASTIDIP ON FOAM!!!!! IT WILL SHRINK YOUR FOAM TO DOLL SIZE!!!! ***
- immediately using the brown textured paint, mist the armor. this will give it a more 'real' look and will shorten the drying time (i don't know why, it just did)
- once the helmet is dry, cut out the face plate hole, take the cut out and tape a sheet of paper to it
- trace the cut out onto the sheet of paper
- drain the bottle of soda, place the traced outline onto the bottle and cut out the visor
- lightly glue the gold tissue paper (yes it is somewhat transparent) to the soda bottle visor
- when the armor is dry, on either side of each vertical cut, place a 1" x 1" velcro square (hooks, not fuzz)
- cut straps from the fuzz velcro to be used for securing your armor.
- remove the backing from the adhesive on the fuzz velcro straps and place lengths of black duck tape on it. this makes the securing straps for the armor

i used a nerf longshot painted hammered black for my rifle and added some flair items like a name tag etc to personalize my armor.

hope this helps....
thanks for the props. .. .. yep, one day. and i upgraded the visor, made new thighs and cod piece (aka crotch/lower torso) last night... used slyfo's thighs and crotch, since the ones on the pep download were a little lacking... the visor got upgraded by using a 3 liter soda bottle cut out, spray adhesive and gold tissue paper from a dollar store.

i'll post new pics after halloween tomorrow.... tonight, i'm going to get some needed rest....
your jokin 1 day!!!! Thats amazing! The visor could use some help but doin it in one day and $100 dollar budget looks great. You could really do some nice armor if you really had enuf money and more time. Let me know if your planing on making a second or improving this one :lol:
cool, I'm doing what your doing with expanding foam, was a last minute thing because i had all my pep pieces done and wasn't going to worry about getting ready for Halloween, but last minute i decided i would dress up so its the fastest way to get it done and i can still refine the pieces later by making a vacuum formed mold of them after haloween.
Mad props on the one day completion.

If I may say, the ratio of quick to sick is quite high.

Also: was it a gentleman's bet, or did you win something?

I mean like, other than pride and all of that intangible stuff.
well... it was pride with my family, the wife and daughters issued the dare. coworkers bet money, but the proceeds go to our sunshine office fund... i'm posting pics tonight after festivities...

i can't stop thinking about how to tweak the process and get some better results. unfortunately, halloween was a good motivator and excuse to make the suit, and now i'll have to find another reason to justify improving the end product....
Wow that is sweet for one days work!! after halloween i suggest u spend some more time on it, think what you could do in a week if u did that in a day.
here's one of the promised pics..... now this rev of the armor did benefit from a second night of construction.... i was not happy with the thighs and crotch before, so (thanks to slyfo's pep models!!!) i made replacements for the originals... so my armor did technically take two nights now and not one...



You can still tell it's pep armor, but in such a short time? YOUR CRAZY AWSOME!

Good job with painting, folding and everything so quickly!
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