Destiny Hood of Exile Help


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Hello, I'm looking for the Hood of Exile helmet, I already found the obj file, but I'm very bad unfolding models :(.

I found some links of the model unfolded by Daschlenn but those are dead :c and I have no luck searching on the web.

So please if anybody can help me with the unfold (attach the obj file) or have Daschlenn's file, would be a life savior.

Thank you in advice.



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I sized the helmet to fit a 24" head. My unfolding work has much to be desired. You will not insult me if you don't like it.
Of course no!
My unfold was totally trash haha I can't even glue it together.

Thank you very much for your file, I will scale it and print it and post here the updates. Thank you! :D
Greetings from México!


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photo_2020-06-28_01-22-22 (2).jpg


So, there they are, was a lot of work but I finished it, but I printed and cut the exact unfold that you shared and, my head is 23 in and it doesn't fit me :confused:. Still, it's a nice model and I will definitive finish it. Thanks again for sharing and next time I will printed just a little bigger.


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That's weird cause I have about a 24" head and it would fit a little big when fully on.


Are you just having trouble getting your head into it? If so, I would recommend making the back portion removable with a hinge and magnets or something along those lines.


If you make the above portion removable, you'll 1) be able to slide your head in better and 2) the helmet will be more appropriately sized for your body.

Kind of like how I did iron man's helmet.


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Yeah, that's exactly the issue, the inside space it's right but my head doesn't get in hahaha. And I actually thought about that, make a cut and secure both sides with magnets, but first I need to do the reinforcement of the cardboard, right?, like fiberglass?

Actually this has me very exited as is my first prop, I already did a lot of research but it is never the same just read that actually make it

Again thank you very much for sharing the file and your knowledge