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has any1 ever thought of the fact that we maybe weren't the first highly intelligent species on this planet? but that maybe the ring wiped out the previous life on this planet? it brings me to another idea, what if the forerunners where from earth? the sample of the flood DNA given by server 4 is an EXACT match to alligator mitochondria (the part of the cell that gives the cell life) so we know the flood are related to alligators, that OR alligators are from the flood and where put here, as if earth was an containment planet, then the thing that was built in the halo teaser comic might have been to contain them, and they might have evolved from there... i know the time line is off a little, but who says the rings where built BY the forerunners, could there be forerunners to the forerunners who actually made all of the artifacts... how can we be sure that all life in the galaxy hasent been started over and over dozens of times, each time a species became intelligent enough to learn how to use the tech, and then fire, how many covenant-like species thought firing the rings would take them on the "Great journey"?
Also, the prophets on halo 2, bled red blood, whilst Hunters, Grunts, and Elites bleed blue, orange,and purple...but you know thats just something
where does it say "the forerunners built the first halos"? the covie are a species of adaptation, there tech is all adapted from that found, not invented, how come the forerunners couldn't be just like the covie, found the tech and then adapted it..
Covies=not forerunner for a few reasons
1. They call them their gods, meaning that they found their technology, meaning that they are not forerunner
2. They didn't build the Halo rings, They couldn't build the halo rings, and also they're an Alliance, not a race.
3.The prophets are certainly not strong enough to build a halo ring, nor do they have the strength to build a machine to build a halo ring :/
4. If they knew that the Halos could destroy everything, why would they use it, and they didn't know about the flood until they released them.

Imo, the humans may be a Future evolution of forerunner.
i didnt say that they where forerunners, i said forerunners might be like them, the forerunners could have found the tech that they then adapted to build the rings, OR found one ring and built others.. that im saying is that its possible that the forerunners did not pioneer the tech, but took it from people before them (people they might have look to as gods) just like the covie now do them
the forerunners made the flood. they then made the halos to contain the flood. the halos would not be there if they had not created the flood. therefore, they were the first ones to build the halos.
well bungie's contract with TOR (books) say they have to make atleast 2 more books to complete the contract, then they can resign, it might turn up in a book or somthing
well in earlier halo book they say that the cov. only fought a race to find there stregths, wipe them out and use the tech to further make them a supiorer race but i kinda think earth is one of those shield planets and we will find out more when the game comes out
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