Dual light strips all over MC Armor

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I've noticed some things about this type of glowing material. Like the hands on my watch for example. I can have it in the dark all night long, then turn the lights on for just a moment, then turn them out and it lights up brightly. It may not necessarily take a long time for it to absorb a sufficient amount of light. The paint hasn't made it here yet, but I'll see just how long it glows and how long it takes to absorb light.

EL would be good too. I've had a couple of EL lightsabers. If you wired all the lights together, and made it disconnect with plugs for each piece of armor, you could run all of the lights on one 9v battery I believe. I like your idea Ruze.


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AoBfrost said:
Sitting the armor in light for long periods of time to absorb light for it's glow in the dark pieces may fade the armor paint over time, plus glow in the dark doesnt last forever.

Thats dumb you don't need to leave it in light all day. glowing materials have their limit of about 20 minutes of any type of light not just the sun. so 20 minutes under a lamp would glow as bright for as long as the same piece under the sun all day.
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Couple new thoughts.

First, RGB LEDs. amirite or gtfo? I'm imagining dials for color adjustment hidden somewhere ala... this:
All of them could be controlled by 3 dials set into armor and with a small slide-back cover.
Make the dials pretty sticky and they'll stay set no matter your youtubey antics. Result is any color lights- take that you racists!

Second idea, might be cheaper: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2007/12/new_light_glows.php
Says it can be made into any color. Glows for 12 years. Cheap en masse, too.

That's all today folks, enjoy!
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i think that for the best glow effect(and lemme know if someone said this cause i dident read all the posts) is to use either hotglue , or use plexiglass with a coat of frosted paint( ill try to find a pic cause i know ive seen it before), and instead of plaexiglass you could jus use a router or dremmel to cut ot the shape from a cd case
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