Dying and Chroming Visors (Cheap) TUTORIAL

I'll try this for my CQC build! Has anyone ever used face shields from the COVID era as visors? I feel like they'd work pretty well, since they're flexible enough.
I’m not sure what kind of plastic the face shields are made from. I have used the tinted face shields for flat visors before. They work best for flat visors like the ones for mandalorian helmets. I haven’t vacuum formed one of those shields
I’m not sure what kind of plastic the face shields are made from.
It looks like most are made from PETG, Polycarbonate, or PET. I wasn't planning on vacuum-forming it either, and if it doesn't work I'll have other options. Just figured it's a cheap and easy option to try making a visor for the first time.
Yeah the tinted ones work well, I've used em in a few helmets. If all you need is a black visor with no texture, they do the job quite well!
Dp helm 1.jpg
Here's what the rattle can Spaz gets you (I initially tried to wipe some out to improve visibility, but got a little worried so I backed off.

Sorry about the gigantic size. I'm still learning this whole shebang.

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That is much worse visibility than the Looking Glass rattle can I had recommended. Probably also due to how you applied it, too much. My visor has lasted me years and visibility is fine, definitely not an "in a pinch" option. It is only in silver and you would need to dye the visor to get other colors.

Also, for ThreeEvening158 you can use any kind of plastic and apply car window tint to it if you are looking for just a flat visor. It works great. I've even cut out the sides of clear plastic totes and used those.
I am attempting my first Noble Six helmet and am doing an experiment with window film. I think with a little heat gun application this will be nice and smooth, but I used your dyeing method with some orange dye and it’s just silver metallic window tint. The clarity inside is the same as looking out of a tinted car window, but as you can see it’s very reflective on the outside.


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