Echo's ODST Build Thread - Galactic Armory Squad


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Howdy! I'm Ethan (I prefer Echo tho), and I am a rising prop maker and model painter.

I am printing, building, and painting a set of ODST armor using the Aguilar Workshop files. I am a fair way along, as I will Document in a later post, but my aim is to have the costume itself done by July 27th in preparation for GalaxyCon Raleigh, and any weapons and additional equipment done by August 30th in preparation for DragonCon Atlanta.

I'm following a modified version of the construction that is being done by Aaron and Jamie of the Galactic Armory. I am not sponsored by them, just good friends. The hope is that I'll be rolling with their squad at DragonCon, but we shall see if the Con-Crunch lords smile upon me!

I look forward to documenting this journey and getting y'alls input. Thanks!
And here we go! Submission photos! :D

I'm super excited to be going to DragonCon with the Misfit Squad, and I cant wait to see fellow cosplayers there- especially the fine people of this community!

I have a video documenting the process that is not yet done- I will be posting that as soon as I can, though it will likely not be until after the con.

Otherwise, I present to you my OC Halo character: LCPL Ezra Hawks, callsign "Crash"- Wheelman on a Road Rage; Pilot for Misfit Squad.


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Ahh! I love the colour scheme. Are you a wasp pilot? ;) That's a fun callsign for a pilot too.

I really like how creative you are with your weathering on different parts.

It looks like the con crunch lords did smile upon you!
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